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Geotechnical Engineering

Contact-Icons_Geotechnical-EngineeringAllstate’s geotechnical staff is available to provide the subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, and geotechnical engineering services that are necessary in planning successful construction projects.   When the planning and design phases are complete, our staff is also available to follow through with construction materials testing and observation services related to:

  • Earthwork for buildings, bridges, pavements, retaining structures, earth dams, liquid retention ponds, mechanically stabilized earth walls, and reinforced earth slopes
  • Foundations for buildings, bridges, highway overpasses, retaining walls, water storage tanks, water and wastewater treatment facilities, grain storage bins, communications towers, sports facilities, manufacturing and processing plants
  • Pavements for city streets, commercial developments, industrial drives, highway interchanges, car and truck parking facilities, truck stops and airports
  • Underground utilities including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, other buried pipelines, pump stations, subsurface drainage systems, and related facilities
  • Stabilization of expansive soils, weak subgrades, unstable slopes, landslides, embankments, earth dams, spillways, retaining walls, foundation settlement, heaving floor slabs and foundations, distressed pavements; abandoned coal mines and seepage and dewatering problems.