Columbia Sanitary Landfill Administration, Maintenance & Vehicle Storage Facilities

Project Information:

Sited in an area where coal strip mines are common, subsurface exploration for this seven building complex encountered a very thin mantle of compost and miscellaneous fill over medium to stiff native alluvial and colluvial soil deposits and underlying Pennsylvanian claystone. Boreholes were grouted on completion with bentonite slurry and abandoned in accordance with Missouri DNR Well Protection Rules. Consolidation testing in Allstate’s Columbia laboratory indicated the medium consistency clays would not result in significant settlement making spread footings bearing on native soils or moisture conditioned, controlled compacted fill, feasible. Swell testing in our laboratory also indicated a relatively low swell potential making floor slab support feasible on nominal low volume change zones. Geogrid reinforced pavements were also recommended to strengthen support and reduce the pavement sections.