City of Huntsville Wastewater Storage Lagoon

Project Information:

The City of Huntsville, Missouri’s new wastewater storage lagoon for a no point discharge land application system will consist of an earthen cell having a surface area of 7.5 acres; an operating depth ranging from 3 to 13 feet and earth berms requiring as much as 25 feet of compacted fill. Allstate Consultants performed a subsurface exploration with test borings and developed a laboratory testing program. Triaxial shear and hydraulic conductivity tests were performed on site soils to aid in evaluating the stability of earth slopes and in designing the clay liner to meet Missouri Department of Natural Resources requirements for permeability. Allstate’s geotechnical report included boring logs, geologic cross sections, laboratory test results, slope stability analyses and recommendations for design of earthwork and the clay lining system.