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Subsurface Exploration

Allstate Consultants plans and supervises subsurface explorations in a wide range of geologic settings throughout the state of Missouri.  Exploration plans are developed by a professional staff with advanced training and up to 30 years experience in the specialty fields of geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology. 

Subsurface explorations are tailored to the geologic setting and the specific needs of the project and client.  Exploration decisions involving the number and spacing of test borings and/or test pits; the soil sampling and rock coring methods that will be employed; the sampling and coring intervals; the type and frequency of in-situ tests, the scope of groundwater observations and the type of earth and rock instrumentation necessary are made by experienced professionals in consultation with the client.

Members of our professional staff have extensive field experience with a wide range of exploration methods including test borings using continuous flight augers, hollow stem augers and rotary wash boring methods in the loessial, glacial, alluvial, colluvial, lacustrine and residual soil deposits of Missouri and wire-line rock coring techniques in the predominantly Pennsylvanian, Mississippian, and Ordovician bedrock of our region.

Allstate Consultants frequently utilizes conventional thin-walled tube and split-barrel soil sampling methods accompanied with standard penetration tests but also has considerable experience with other sampling techniques such as continuous soil samplers advanced with hollow stem augers for hydrogeologic investigations.

Our geotechnical engineering staff is also experienced with undisturbed block sampling of earth embankments and in-situ characterization of soil deposits using plate load tests, borehole shear, vane shear, cone penetration, and borehole pressure meter tests.  Staff engineers have performed in-situ, rising/falling head permeability tests in open standpipe piezometers installed in natural soil deposits and borehole permeability tests in rock formations using water pressure testing procedures with single and double inflatable packers and are experienced with the installation of open standpipe piezometers and slope inclinometers.

Field exploration involving drilling, sampling and field testing are performed by experienced drilling subcontractors working under the supervision of Allstate Consultants’ geotechnical engineers and hydrogeologists.  As exploration progresses and preliminary subsurface information becomes available, we evaluate the field data, consult with our clients and adjust exploration plans as needed to obtain the subsurface information necessary to adequately characterize the project site.

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