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Geotechnical Analysis

Geotechnical evaluations and analyses are performed by experienced geotechnical engineers with graduate training at the masters level in the specialty fields of geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology.  Our training, experience and work ethic are combined to deliver evaluations, recommendations and reports to our clients that serve their long term needs and provide the appropriate standard of professional care for their projects.

Our geotechnical engineers take the appropriate time to adequately explore and characterize the project site; evaluate the engineering properties of the soil and rock; and provide site and project specific geotechnical recommendations for our clients.  Our evaluations and analyses are often aided by the latest geotechnical engineering software such as our MSEW and ReSSA computer programs for the analysis and design of mechanically stabilized earth walls and reinforced as well as unreinforced earth slopes.  Staff members are also experienced with hand evaluations and computer based analysis of the settlement of complex shallow foundation systems; the vertical load bearing capacity and settlement of driven piles and drilled shafts; the lateral capacity and deflection of piles and drilled shafts; the settlement of embankments and seepage through embankments, natural soil deposits and drainage blankets.

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