The right tools for the job

Allstate Consultants is well equipped and staffed to perform field density testing of compacted fill, crushed stone base course, and asphalt; to observe and test the load bearing capacity of shallow foundations, drilled piers and driven piles and to perform field tests on plastic concrete and grout and laboratory tests on molded specimens of these construction materials.

Our field technicians have been through rigorous in-house and outside training to achieve certification by the American Concrete Institute as ACI Concrete Field Testing Technicians.  Geotechnical engineers and field technicians have also completed a training course conducted by Aguinaga Technical Services on Radiation Safety and the Use of Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges.  In addition, our technicians have each received considerable hands on training in the field from at least one of our experienced geotechnical engineers and/or senior engineering technicians before being assigned to perform concrete and soil compaction tests for our clients.

Laboratory Testing

Allstate’s construction materials testing laboratory includes four (4) complete sets of concrete testing equipment, five (5) Campbell Pacific nuclear moisture density gauges and five (5) static cone penetrometers.  Equipment is well maintained and is calibrated regularly.  Nuclear gauges are stored in locked cabinets when not in use in the field and are handled, secured and stored in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Construction materials testing projects are supervised by experienced personnel who schedule field technicians, supervise performance of their services, review their test results as construction progresses and provide test reports in a standardized format to our clients.  Our construction testing manager and geotechnical engineers are readily available to assist our technicians and clients as necessary during construction.

We are equipped to perform field testing of soil, asphalt and concrete using:

  • CPN and Troxler Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges for Soil and Asphalt
  • Static Cone Penetrometers for Foundations Bearing on Soil
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometers for Foundations on Soil and Soft Rock
  • Hand Penetrometers for Foundations on Soil
  • Hand Augers for Foundations on Soil
  • Drive Cylinder Samplers for Fill and Foundations
  • Concrete Slump Cones
  • Grout Flow Cones
  • Concrete Pressure Meters for Air Entrainment Tests
  • Concrete Roll-O-Meters for Air Entrainment Tests – Lightweight Concrete
  • Concrete and Asphalt Thermometers
  • Concrete Unit Weight Buckets and Field Scales
  • Bronze Molds for Mortar and Grout Cubes
  • Plastic Molds for Concrete and Grout Cylinders
  • Steel Molds for Concrete Beams

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