Supply of safe, clean and quality water is in high demand.

Allstate Consultants has completed design and construction administration of many water treatment and distribution facilities for industry and communities across the state of Missouri, by using, in part, federal, state and local funds.

Our professional experience also includes deep and shallow well improvements, surface water, elevated storage, SCADA systems, earthen dams and 5-year owner supervised water main replacement plans.

Water Supply, Treatment, Storage & Distribution Services

  • Facilities Planning/Master Plans/Engineering Reports
  • Water Supply (including wells)
  • Treatment Systems
  • Water Towers/Storage Facilities
  • Distribution Systems
  • Pump/Booster Stations
  • Chemical Feed System Design
  • Hydraulic Modeling/System Analysis
  • Upgrading Existing Systems/Operations
  • System SCADA/Controls
  • GIS System Mapping/Asset Management
  • Compliance Consultation
  • Water Loss/Unaccounted Water Analysis
  • Rate Studies & Budget Analysis
  • Hydraulic Analysis/Design
  • Wholesale Water District Assistance/Design
  • Owner Supervised Programs (MDNR)
  • Construction Administration/Observation
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • River/Creek Intake Designs
  • Shallow Well Designs
  • Deep Well Designs
  • Surface Water Supply Reservoirs/Lakes

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